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Family Gathering


at Fishing Valley Bogor



Early Morning, Everyone gathers

for an Outdoor Morning Exercise

satu, dua, tiga.... one, two, three...

after the fun morning exercise, comes the


Corn Cobs, Steamed Banana, Peanuts

Warm Sweet Tea and Coffee

are served outdoor with the fresh morning breeze

mmm yummy :)


Then the day continues with Fun Fishing Activities

in the Reserved Ponds



while the Kids have fun choosing which games they want to go on first

Bom Bom Boat


(Wall Climbing, Spider Web, Flying Fox, Shaking Bridge etc)

and Horse Riding



 Then comes LUNCH TIME

hmmm.... the aroma of the food is exceptionally delicious

and the food, mouth watering....

Warm Steamed Rice, Sauteed Noodle with Chicken,

Fishing Valley Special Gouramy , Chicken with Rica-Rica Sauce

Empal Gepuk mmm... yummyyy....




Now it's Games and Singing Time accompanied by LIVE MUSIC






This time , it's Fried Banana, Fried Vegetables

and Tahu Kipas (Fried Tofu filled with vegetables and prawn)

served with Warm Bandrek (sweet traditional drink)



After feeling satiated with all the yummy food

some continue to Singing with the Live Music

some continue their OUTBOUND games

while some .... JUMP ONTO THE PONDS!!!

Huh ?? jump ?

Yupp... It's "Catch-the-Fish" Time :)



Woohoo... so much fun !!


Then comes the Prize Giving session filled with jokes and laughter



So that wraps the Fun Day at Fishing Valley


Till your next Gathering at Fishing Valley ... !



Thursday, 7 February 2008



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