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If you're a Foodie looking for best places to eat in Bogor,

Come to Fishing Valley Bogor for a Culinary Adventure in one of the Best Restaurant in Bogor,


You can sit "Lesehan" style on Gazebos located on a pond,

with breathtaking Mount Salak view while enjoying a delicious Indonesian cuisine such as,

Grilled Gouramy, Deep Fried Squid, Karedok, Coconut Water, and many more.



Fishing Valley serves

Traditional Sundanese & Indonesian Cuisine

(Fresh Fish)




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Sweet & sour Gouramy - Karedok (Salad) - Fried Prawns - Chicken Satay etc



Fishing Valley's Nutty Fritters (rempeyek) yumm... !!

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             " Sweet or Spicy Grilled Gouramy, they're both yummy !!

                                        don't forget the exceptional fried calamari, Hmmm..."


                                                         " with Tofu on the Side........ :)"



                " If you're tummy's still asking for more, try the Chicken Satay, the Peanut Sauce will make you crave for more !! "


                                                 " Drinks ? What else !! Coconut Drink of course & try ice cincau !! "



For Reservation, Please contact :

Fishing Valley Bogor

Jl. Pemda Raya No. 107, Bogor

Tel : 0251 - 8658 722 / 0251 - 8662 808

0877 8080 8222




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